New Business Opportunity 2018
Recycle, Reuse and Recovery since 2001

New Business Opportunity 2018
New Business to Boost Your Business
Start a Business with the Best Products

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Eco Recycle Solution, Canfresh DHG100

Choose the Right Business in 2018
to Stay Ahead in the Competition

We are looking for motivated business partners to promote, sale or distribute our products and services.
1, New business model, we supply goods in manufacturer's costs, unbeatable in prices.
2, All our products are one-of-a-kind, competitive, profitable, with great potential market in your neighbourhood.
3, All our products are certificated for US and Canada markets, high quality and patents pending.
4, We offer limited promotion packages from $0.0 in 2018.

Best for Small Business, Start Ups, Family Business and Youth.
Get government incentives with EcoHome21 products
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Canfresh and EcoHome21 opportunity, limited offer 2018

Innovative Products
EcoHome21 Products
EcoHome21 &Canfresh Products

New Business with Innovative Products

All Next Generation Trends

Competitive, Profitable, Huge Market
Sustainable and Eco Home Life Style.

Every EcoHome21®  Products
One of a Kind:  healthy,  convenient and Eco friendly,
1, EcoHome21®  Distilled Drinking Water:
The most reliable drinking water for your family,
---Save thousands of dollars for every kitchen each year.
2, EcoHome21®  Smart Instant Hot Water:
No water burns and bacteria,  reduce bills for every kitchen,
---Save hundreds of dollars for each family.
3, Canfresh®  Organic Recycle System:
Odorless Recycle, make daily recycle easy and healthy,
---Go Eco Life Style made easy for every one.
All of our products are patent pending and certificated in US and Canada.

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Competitive Business Models
EcoHome21 Services
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Business and Services,

Help Small Business Grow Faster

Latest E-commerce based models, continuous,  profitable and flexible,
1, New business opportunity with competitive business models in 2018,
2, Help you start a local business from scratch, minimize initial setup risks for partners,
3, Optimize business operation based on market trends, potential profit  and sustainable development,
4, $0.0 limited investment opportunities for youth under 30,
We help you inspire your business,

EcoHome21 & Canfresh,  since 2009 in Canada
Our North America marketing team and R&D team are located in Canada, and our manufacturing teams in Asia. We have been doing market research and product R&D since 2009 in Canada, in a wide variety of applications from industrial waste energy recovery to residential Eco Home products.  All our products are based on convenient, healthy and Eco friendly techniques.  We are working hard to improve the quality of daily life, reduce everyday living cost and make the earth more sustainable with our innovative products and services.
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