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Franchise Opportunity with EcoHome21
New Franchise Opportunity

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Franchise Opportunity & New Business

Franchise Opportunity, new Business Model and Products.
Unique Business Model to beat potential competitors.
1, One-of-a-kind products, next generation trends in North America in 2018.
2, We supply goods in manufacturer's costs, unbeatable low prices.
3, All Products are designed and patent pending in Canada and USA.
4, Huge market. Every family in your neighborhood is a potential customer.
5, Flexible packages for different partners, start from $0.0 to full sized franchise.
6, Low cost, low risk. You can combine our products into your existing business.

Why Choosing EcoHome21 ?

E-commerce based business is changing everything in 21 century.
eBay's GMV  is reaching $84 billion.
Amazon's GMV is over $136 billion.
Wal-Mart and Google join forces in E-commerce in 2017.
More than 70% traditional stores and shops have been out of business from 2000 in Asia.
Today, e-commerce is driving most of traditional business out of profit.

On the other hand, quality services such as installation and repair are in high demanding, and cost of service is increasing in US and Canada.

Our unique Business & Franchise System:
1, Empower with innovative products and latest e-commerce technologies.
2, Knock the door with our unique products: one of a kind, always unbeatable.
3, Grow our business with customers' experiences: Eco, healthy, convenient, saving money every day.
4, Make our profits with quality services: localized, fast response, cost competitive.
5, 80% profit comes from localized services, 20% from sales.

Who Are Qualified

Necessary qualifications are required:
1, Motivation to run a long-term business is essential.
2, You must have experiences in local sales.
3, You have existing or potential customer sources.
4, Have skills in doing simple installations (e.g. plumbing).
5, A team of three to four is the best.
6, Family-based business is preferable.
7, Don't worry about the set up cost. We always have a solution for every budget.
8, We focus on your neighborhood, start from your community.
Best Franchise Opportunity for startups.

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Our Products & Services

1, All Next Generation Products
All our products are consumers'  trends in next 20 years.
Go green, improve the quality of daily life, reduce every day cost.
All products will benefit every family: saving money, healthy and convenient.

2,  E-commerce Competition Ready: Low Cost
We supply products in manufacturer's prices. Lower than competitors.
And we advertise our products with digitized technologies on internet 24/7.
We share customers' data with every authorized partner.

3, Easy to Set Up
The business strategy is based on the advantages of  E-commerce.
Simplified working routine.
Optimized turnkey procedures.

4, Less Training and Less Cost
We have done our best in products designs, business strategies and service guidelines.
We guarantee the training is simple, and low in cost for all partners.

5, Location and Territories
You choose your favorite targeting territory.
We guarantee only One Partner in each territory with a population of 250,000, or 9,000 families.
Expansion spaces in next 20 years guaranteed for every partner.

6, Our Commitment and Continuity
Our teams in North America are ready to provide quality services 24/7/365
We always keep our products and services up to date, and keep our business competitive and continuous.
We promote new products every year, and every product developed is based on latest technologies, consumer and business trends.

Our Recent Product Package

Product Package with Great Potential Market

1,  Innovative Safe Drinking Water Solution, 2017
ONE OF A KIND clean drinking water
EcoHome21® Distilled Drinking Water
24/7/365 ready distilled water, the most reliable drinking water solution in your kitchen,
Save over $4000 in water and energy cost in its life time,
Multi-function, combined with instant hot water and energy recovery.

2, Next Generation Residential Recycle Solution
Canfresh® Organic Recycle System
No bad smells, no flies, no maggots, pest proof.
Hold organic waste for 4 weeks.
Make daily residential recycle clean, easy and healthy.
Government Incentive Program in most cities.

3, Money Saving Instant Hot Water
BEST hot water solution for every family.
EcoHome21® Smart Hot Water
Instant Hot water, anti scalding, bacteria free,
Save hundreds of dollars in water and energy bills each year.
Easy to install in the tight space under most kitchen sink.

More information

More Information about Franchise Opportunity & Products
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** Detailed Information 1:
EcoHome21 and Canfresh
DHG500 FREE drinking Water System
Save thousands in its life time.

** Detailed Information 2:
EcoHome21 and Canfresh
Hot Water System
Instant Hot water, anti scalding, bacteria free

** Detailed Information 2:
EcoHome21 and Canfresh
DHG100 Clean and Eco Recycle
Next Generation Residential Recycle
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