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Instant Hot Water EcoHome21
Ecohome21 Instant Hot Water

Instant Hot Water

Anti Scalding, Legionella Free

Water & Heating Energy Saving

Water Facts 2017,  USA  and Canada

1,  Hundreds of dollars wasted while waiting for hot water in kitchen.
2, Hot water scalds accidents: kids and seniors, 500,000 cases each year.
3, Legionella Bacteria infections: up to 20,000 cases each year.
EcoHome21® DHG hot water solutions: Multi-function system

EcoHome21 Comparison in Functions
EcoHome21 Comparison in Functions
Instant Hot Water DHG530
Instant Hot Water DHG530

Instant Hot Water + Anti-scalding + Water & Energy Saving

Patents Pending in Canada and USA
1,  Instant and non-interrupted hot water, 24/7/365.
2,  Save up to $600 water and heating energy in 6 years.
3,  Anti-scalding,  kids and seniors safe. Never burns.
4,  Best for frequent hot water demand points such as kitchen.
5,  100%  Legionella free with @70 degrees Celsius water storage.
6,  Plug and play,  no additional wiring work needed.
7,  Capacity:  un-limited  (when used with a primary heater).
8,  Made of Lead-free  SS 316.

Instant Hot Water DHG520
Hot Water DHG520

Instant Hot Water with Anti-scalding

1,   Fast response hot water,  supply temperature regulated.
2,   Anti-scalding valve equipped,
--- Peace of mind,  No water burns for kids and seniors.
3,   Pre-engineered kits save hundreds $ in installation.
4,   Plug and play,  no additional wiring work needed.
5,   70 Degrees Celsius water storage, 100%  Legionella free.
6,   Save over 14,600L of water per year.
7,   Lead-free SS 316L

Instant Hot Water DHG510
Mini Hot Water DHG510

Instant hot water MINI booster

1,   Instant hot water.  Zero waiting time.
2,   100%  Legionella  bacteria  eliminated at @ 70 Celsius.
3,   Save up to 14,600L of water each year.
4,   Optimized design for quick and easy installation.
6,   Smallest in size, best for tight areas such as under sink.
7,   Plug in any 120V receptacle, no wiring work needed.
8,   Supply capacity :
--- 2gallons (7.6L) in static storage @ 70 Celsius.
--- 4gallons (15L)@ 45 Celsius (with a mixing valve).
9,  Lead-free SS 316L material.

Building codes mandate a thermostatic mixing valve installed with a any water heater in Canada

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