Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water Solution

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Safe Drinking Water
Ecohome21 Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

Free Distilled Drinking Water Ready 24/7/365 in your Kitchen

Drinking Water Safety in US and Canada
Over 30 Millions of people are drinking unsafe tap water in US and Canada,
Thousands of dollars spent on drinking water but quality is not always guaranteed,
Bottled water, water filtering and more expensive water treatment ?
Distilled water is the most reliable drinking water,
EcoHome21® combo system is the best solution in every kitchen,

Safe Drinking Water + Instant Hot Water + Legionella Prevention
+  $$ saving in water and energy bills for every family

Patents Pending in USA and Canada,

EcoHome21 water combo

Distilled Water DHG540
Distilled Water DHG540

DHG540 Combines hot water heater and water distillation in one system.

DHG recovers 95% energy from water distillation to heat up the hot water
Produces drinking water for almost FREE !
EcoHome21® Distilled Water Combo
One of a kind safe drinking water solution

-- 12L cooled distilled drinking water every 24 hours,  7/365--

1,  Convenient distilled drinking water for free at kitchen faucet 24/7/365
2,  Hot Water supplies available in less than 1 second, saving time and water
3,  Small in size, can be easily installed under every kitchen counter
4,  Anti scalding, hot water supplies at 49C (120F) or below, always guaranteed
5,  Internal storage water temperature at 70C (158F), 100% Legionella Free
6,  Save Water and Energy bills over $4000 with our innovative  designs
7, CPU controlled, fully automatic operation
8,  Fully Recover your investment in 3 years

Energy Saving
Energy Saving Incentives

Government Energy Saving Incentive Programs

Incentives in most municipals in US and Canada

---- Reduce tap water consumption

---- Save water heating energy

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